About Noble

Our chapter prides and commits itself to making a positive change in our communities as well as provide our members with the opportunities for professional development.
About Noble

Mission Statement

To ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities, and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.

Vision Statement

The goal of NOBLE is to be recognized as a highly competent, public service organization that is at the forefront of providing solutions to law enforcement issues and concerns, as well as to the ever-changing needs of our communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Respect: Law enforcement must be respectful of the rights of all persons.
  • Uncompromising Integrity: NOBLE will conduct its business according to ethical standards of law enforcement.
  • Courage of Convictions: NOBLE will be proactive in addressing issues of controversial law-enforcement policies and practices.
  • Accountability: NOBLE promotes the principle of mutual accountability between the criminal justice system and the community.
  • Community: The community must be an integral part of the criminal justice system, with particular attention being given to criminal justice issues that affect the African American community.
  • Value Diversity: NOBLE promotes the value of diversity at all levels throughout the criminal justice system.


The objectives that are employed to implement the goal of the organization include:
  • Mentoring – NOBLE members are committed to mentoring as a way of life;
  • An emphasis on being a competent learning organization that continuously learns from the collective knowledge of its members, and other sources of criminal justice research and data, while simultaneously working to rapidly convert this learning into action;
  • Working to ensure l​ong-term organizational stability by identifying and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with corporations and other funding sources;
  • Recommending and executing policies, processes and procedures that recognize and pursue goals common to all segments of the community and law enforcement, with a focus on ensuring strict accountability and uncompromising integrity;
  • Promoting and encouraging attitudes and characteristics that permit adaptability to the changing demands placed on law enforcement, and the development of professional and communication competencies that help view, comprehend and shape appropriate responses to an ever-changing environment; and
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of NOBLE through a clearly defined and shared sense of purpose and commitment among its members.

NOBLE Chicago Metropolitan Chapter Leadership

Our chapter has a history of strong and remarkable leadership that has led this chapter to be one of the most active chapters in the NOBLE network. Our Executive Board continuously fosters a spirit of excellence, integrity, and social responsibility.

2020-2022 Executive Board

Eugene Williams


Ret. Chief Eugene Williams
(Chicago Police Department)
Davina Ward


​Lt. Davina Ward
(Chicago Police Department)
Yolanda Banks


Sgt. Yolanda Banks
(Chicago Police Department)

Shantella Jenkins

Financial Secretary

Sgt. Shantella Jenkins
(Chicago Police Department)
Christopher Fletcher

Corresponding Secretary

Chief Chris Fletcher
(Calumet City Police Department)
Dwayne Betts

Recording Secretary

Ret. Deputy Chief Dwayne Betts
(Chicago Police Department)

Crystal King Smith


Ret. Comm. Crystal King-Smith
(Chicago Police Department)
Vladimir Talley


Chief Vladimir Talley
(Maywood Police Department)

Nichelle Fraction

Associate Member Representative

Sgt. Nichelle Fraction
(Chicago Police Department)
Kimberley Davis Lewis

Chapter Chaplain

Chaplain Kimberly Lewis-Davis
(Chicago Police Department)
John Richardson

Executive Assistant to the President

Ret. Chief John Richardson
(UIC Police Department)
Mitchell Davis

Executive Assistant to the President

Chief Mitchell Davis
(Hazel Crest Police Department)
Tracy Ladner

Director of Special Projects & Community Relations

Ret. Chief Tracey Ladner
(Cook County Board)

NOBLE Sponsors & Supporters

NOBLE is a professional, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization of more than 3,000 members. It consists of primarily Police Chiefs and other heads of Law Enforcement Agencies at each level of government. Your sponsorship may be tax deductible.

Our chapter’s community outreach and projects could not be sustained without supporters from the public and private sector who believe in the same values and goals as NOBLE. Without various financial and in-kind contributions and donations, many of our chapter’s programs would not be possible.