Traffic Safety Program

NOBLE Chicago- Metro Chapter has developed a Traffic Safety Program, which is sponsored by State Farm Insurance, in efforts to teach people of all ages about the dangers of distracted driving, texting while driving, and driving under the influence. The risks addressed include driving while impaired by alcohol, illegal/prescription drugs, fatigue as well as texting, cell phone use, occupancy distractions and other electronics.
Noble's Traffic Safety
One Simple Decision (OSD) is a driving simulator that uses high-definition video scenes and gaming technology to create unique situations that are dangerous while driving a real automobile. The program was created with the direct participation of law enforcement, judicial and trauma personnel and focuses exclusively on the consequences of impaired and distracted driving. Through the combination of driving simulation, intense interactions and consequence videos, drivers are immersed in an emotional and personal experience that results from “One Simple Decision” they chose to make when driving. Real life consequences of poor decisions while driving are seen and felt first hand through OSD. The resulting outcome of this unique experience provides a powerful reference for future decision making, ultimately modifying driving behaviors.
The program is set to cover a range of topics based on the age group of the audience. Students ranging in ages from 8-15 years old, who have yet to receive driving privileges, are taught the importance of occupant protection and seat belt safety. Audiences ranging in ages from 16-20 are educated on occupant protection, seat belt safety along with distracted driving and underage consumption laws. Presentations for audiences ranging in ages 21 and up, encompasses the discussion topics mention above, along with the added component of driving while impaired by alcohol, illegal/prescription drugs or fatigued.

Our Traffic Safety presentations are informative, interactive and FREE! Participants will receive prizes and give-a-ways! Book your program today! For more information, please contact Wey-ni Langdon at

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