NOBLE Community Initiatives & Efforts

Our chapter focuses on six areas, our pillars, to carry out our core mission “to serve as the conscious of law enforcement, while being committed to justice by action.”
NOBLE Community Initiatives & Efforts
Through our initiatives and efforts as well as partnerships and collaborations with other public and private entities and organizations, we seek to:
  • Provide positive mentoring opportunities for youth (Mentoring)
  • Facilitate frank, honest and transparent discussions between law enforcement and citizens; to build, maintain and sustain public trust in policing (Community-Law Enforcement Relations)
  • Reduce domestic violence and violence associated with illegal firearms, gangs and drugs (Domestic Relationship & Street Violence)
  • Respond to the social, temporal, and educational needs of our communities (Community Support)
  • Safeguard against terrorist threats locally, nationally, and around the world (Counter-Terrorism)
  • Create and participate in forums to address and eradicate ethnic and racial prejudice (Muslim NOBLE Alliance)
Mentoring opportunities for youth
Noble Youth

If you, your organization, or your company would like to collaborate and partner with NOBLE or if you would like to receive additional information about our efforts, please contact our Director of Community Relations, Tracy Ladner, at