Community-Law Enforcement Relations

The need for frank and honest conversation between the community and law enforcement has never been as necessary as now. Given the recent events in our nation there is a dire need to rebuild and maintain public trust in law enforcement.
Community Law Enforcement
To that end our chapter has initiated and collaborated in numerous efforts such as forums, town halls, and panels where a genuine exchange of opinion and information bring together all members of our communities and law enforcement to identify and address the issues in regards to this strained relationships as well as the solutions to move forward and be stronger together.

NOBLE has been at the forefront of this national movement to equip our communities with critical knowledge about their rights and criminal laws as well as how to better interact with law enforcement through its “The Law & Your Community” program. Since its inception in December of 2014, this program has been held in many settings such as after-school programs, churches, and other community settings touching thousands of youth and adults across the country.

This program is highly relevant and demanded by communities across our nation.

In addition to the “The Law & Your Community” program and presentations, our chapter has organized and collaborated in programming such as our chapter’s “Stronger Together” initiative with the goal of bringing the community and law enforcement together in a more positive setting to engage in a positive and solution-driven conversation.

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