Stronger Together Initiatives

Our chapter believes that we are all part of “our community,” regardless of our status as “civilian” or “law enforcement officer.” We all have the hope and goal to live together in a peaceful and safe environment.
Stronger together
We believe that this equilibrium can only be achieved when all members and parts of a community, of a neighborhood work together in trust and common vision. Our chapter is directing much of its endeavours and focus on initiatives that will bring all parts of the community together to reach these common goals because only together can we move broken relationships and trust to a better place, only together can we reclaim our streets hurt by violence, only together can all of us be strong.

Our initiatives and efforts take different approaches. Events our chapter has organized include the following:

  • Neighborhood Walk & Clean-Ups
  • Social Youth-Law Enforcement Events
  • Community-Law Enforcement Neighborhood Improvement Events